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  1. Talk with your employer – CTMAA Apprenticeships are Employer sponsored. CTMAA Apprenticeships are available to all California companies. Employers must agree to: reimburse or pay for your college course(s) – typically 4 to 8 hours of evening classroom instruction per Semester; provide 2,000 hours of on-the-job supervision; pay for apprenticeship fees ($1,500 per year, per apprentice).
  2. Find your participating Community College Program and Enroll in the appropriate course(s) with that college. See the tab College/Curriculum for more information.
  3. Select your Occupation / O*Net Code (skill certification) – from the list of forms on the right side of this page – this is the ‘Occupation’ and O*Net Code you will need to complete the forms.
  4. Have your Employer / Supervisor complete – the Employer Agreement
  5. You complete – the Apprentice Agreement – Employer must also sign it.
  6. You complete – the Apprentice Information Form
  7. You read and sign – Apprentice Policies
  8. Scan and Send the 4 completed Forms to: contact@calmachinist.com or use the convenient form BELOW