California Tooling & Machining Apprenticeship Association

Today’s machinists and tool-and-die makers are highly-skilled, highly paid professionals who combine excellent ‘mechanical aptitude’ with the latest software programming and design tools. It’s a good profession that’s in demand.

An apprenticeship – most often paid by your employer – is the way to advance your career – and your salary. Where do today’s machinists work? Aerospace, Electronics, Instrumentation, Public Utilities, Automotive, Medical Devices, Industrial and Energy.

We live in a global economy – no one has to tell you that. To move your business forward means you’ve got to have the best-trained, most productive, “high-tech” and skilled workers. How do you accomplish that – without “stopping work” – or breaking your budget? An apprenticeship may be the answer.

CTMAA programs have produced over 100 qualified, journeyman, NIMS-certified machinists during just the last few years – at a cost and time-commitment you can afford.The great thing is – there’s a program near you. South Bay, East Bay, Peninsula or North Bay – we’ve got you covered with a CTMAA – NIMS accredited program that fits you and your employee’s schedule.

Earn while you learn

Whether you’re just starting out after a high school diploma – making a career change or just want to improve your skills and pay/advancement – a certified apprentice program is a proven option.

CTMAA offers 2yr and 4yr work-study programs.

You work full-time for your employer during the day and take 4 hours per week on average of evening instruction to complete 2,000 hours of work and about 144 hours of class and shop instruction each year.


California’s best companies

Apprenticeships through CTMAA – and our partner organization (Northern California Automotive & Machinist Joint Apprenticeship) – are paid by their non-union Employer or their union Trust – upon qualification of the apprentice.

Enroll BEFORE January 30, 2018, and CTMAA will offer to REIMBURSE  Qualifying Employers (Contra Costa, Alameda Counties ONLY) your FIRST YEAR tuition, fees, and books (up to $500).


Advance Your career

Get started today! Talk with your employer, check out the locations below and use the tabs above to begin the enrollment process.

Through the years, more than 400 apprentices have completed programs through the sponsorship of 200 of California’s best employers.

Most Community Colleges require registration for upcoming Semester or Quarter courses at least 90 days prior – and classes do fill up. Use the   Enroll Online   tab above to find your program.


Find a Program Near You


Enrollment process

  • Talk with your employer
  • Choose a College Program nearby (map below)
  • Enroll at the College (go to the College Website)
  • Complete your CTMAA forms online (Links above)
  • CTMAA will contact you and your employer

Returning Veteran or Unemployed?

  • Unemployed: If you have a high school diploma and otherwise have qualifying mechanical aptitude and experience – we may be able to help you find employers. Send a cover letter and your resume to: 

  • Veterans: Are you a veteran interested in apprenticeships? Send your contact information to Swords to Plowshares at

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